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Peep Toe Bunion Black - AA4105
Peep Toe Bunion Black - AA4105
Peep Toe Bunion Black - AA4105
Peep Toe Bunion Black - AA4105

Peep Toe Bunion Black - AA4105

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Usaflex Peep Toe Casual Shoes for Bunions

Made in leather and other high quality alternative materials.

Women's Peep Toe manufactured in leather with added textures. This model features elastic material in insole for better comfort.  Rubberized anti-slip and super soft insole.  Perfect for those who seek elegance and ultimate comfort!

Product indicated for people with Bunions.

Usaflex produced the Usaflex Care lines to better attend to its clients' health needs. This product bears the seal of BUNION CARE, an exclusive technology that molds to the shape of your feet. 

For the total comfort of your feet, Usaflex has developed an exclusive technology to ease the discomfort caused by bunions.  This innovative feature has been registered as intellectual property for its elastic characteristics, making the footwear mold more intensely to the feet for a pain-free walking experience. 

  • More flexibility and adherence
  • Lighter insole and leather uppers
  • Water resistant mechanism keeps water out
  • Breathable material to decrease perspiration 

Product warranty against manufacturing defects only.

Product Characteristics:

Heel Type: Short Heel
Collection: Fall/Winter
Comfort Style: Peep Toe Bunion
Model: Casual
Materials: Leather Upper/Synthetic Insole