Spa Line Wedge Sandal in Black   - 568017BL

Spa Line Wedge Sandal in Black - 568017BL

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Piccadilly Wedge Heel Sandal in Black

Comfort for all occasions, these Wedge Mid Heel Sandals will look striking with Jeans or Summer Dresses.  The look fits in with warmer days and leaves you feeling lighter and more comfortable. 

Spa Technology:  Total relaxation with every step! The SPA line comes with dual interchangeable inner soles.  The massage insole is based on the concept of foot reflexology, stimulating and massaging your feet as you walk.  The hydrating insole includes aloe vera micro-capsules to hydrate and perfume the feet.

Perfect Fit Technology:  Technology was created to facilitate our lives, right?? And when it is within reach of our hands, and in this case, our FEET, it makes life easier and more comfortable!  All Piccadilly footwear includes the following technology: 

Perfect Fit Technologies

Sustainable Production:  Piccadilly shoes is proud to have received various seals in the fashion industry that officializes the company's total commitment with tomorrow's generations. The company was a pioneer in the use of state of the art technological materials that are not only ecologically correct, but offer the highest quality benefits: light, versatile, thermal comfort, breathability, antimicrobial/antibacterial and water resistant!

Product warranty against manufacturing defects only.

Product Characteristics:

Heel Type: Wedge
Collection: Fall/Winter
Comfort Style: Spa
Model: Sandal
Materials: Synthetic Spa Dual Insole