About Us

Soft Step Shoes is an innovative new concept in footwear - launched in 2018 after years of research globally - that was created specifically to target a underdeveloped market in the United States: a quality, comfortable and attractive product made for those women who may have special needs for their feet.

Our lines are focused directly on finding the best technology worldwide to provide our clients with the best looking footwear and accessories for those suffering from such issues as Diabetes, Bunions, or Heel Spurs among others, or just not having the proper comfort fit if you are on your feet all day!  

By searching the best new technologies that are combined with style and comfort, Soft Step Shoes has come up with a unique solution that not only allows you to sustain the highest level of foot health with the finest quality materials while still offering beautiful styles and designs that will make you get noticed!

Our goal from the very beginning has been to find fashionable solutions to health conditions that you would gladly wear even WITHOUT specific foot problems. Our lines of shoes even provide support and comfort to healthy younger feet and help your feet stay that way. Your future self will thank you!!

Finally, through Soft Step Shoes, you can discover that  total foot comfort and beautiful design can co-exist!  Stop by one of our retail locations today or find us online and give us a try - we guarantee you will never wear another shoe as comfortable as a SOFT STEP SHOE!

Soft Step Shoes
104 E. 3rd Avenue
Mount Dora, FL 34757
Phone number: (407) 499-2234